• New land purchased at a cost of £200
  • New iron & concrete fencing at a cost of £125
  • Participated in two odder conservation competitions sponsored by Royal Agricultural Society & annually in later years.
  • Ground used for cadet comp.
  • A new publication booth for 137.16.6 and paid for over 5 years at a cost of £30 per year. All men from forces to be admitted free of charge.


  • Receipts £1507-4-6 Expenditure £1434-7-2 Balance £72-7-4
  • Main ticket office used by air raid committee
  • Public address amplifiers used for both days £10-10-0
  • Child welfare provided for building


  • Luncheon booth Mrs. Nun – price of booth £5 100 denies at 2/-guaranteed charge to public 2/6
  • Mrs. Bennett a life member
  • Lighting of streets prohibited


  • Salaries – Secretary £100, Assistant Secretary £15, Treasurer £15
  • East Devonport Red Cross ran the afternoon tea on a 50/50 basis. The charge for this was as follows: adults 2/- with some of this to be given to patriotic funds.
  • Tom Dolton promised £1000 for an Agricultural Hall is the Show Society provided £500.
  • The old industrial hall offered for sale for removal, the Premier offered £750 on £ for £ basis to erect a new industrial hall.


  • Parton Sir E Clark returned to England
  • Carnival New Years Day made £740 for finances of Society good only liability being a mortgage of £500
  • Greyhound racing club applied for use of the ground
  • Devonport City Council re sewerage


  • NB Hammond appointed Secretary – salary £156 per year
  • Althol Manning public address system 2 days for £10-0-0
  • Ladies Cavtory – Luck Bros £600-650
  • Difficulty getting contractor for sewerage because of lack of materials
  • Tender from CT Priest for erecting of shops with iron roof £408
  • Luck Bros ladies toilets in brick between £600-650
  • Ticket rollers 40/- per day, Gate keepers 30/- per day


  • R Lafthorne resigned as treasurer
  • 13.09.47 Move Mrs. Schmitt to now sit near railway line and to be near lunch booth
  • Mrs. Hockey to pay 10/- per afternoon
  • Bay Scout ran afternoon tea for 50% of net profits. Luncheon booth Mrs. Nuns guarantee of 100 dinners at 2/- each.
  • 7AD £5 sale broadcasting nights
  • Trotting Club given use of grounds free of rent for 12-18 months provided drains kept clean, etc.
  • Mersey football club used the grounds
  • Men’s lavatory built with the price not exceeding £300
  • Ground staff were offered 25/- per day.
  • Grand stand Labour only for £100
  • Luck Bros donated
  • Mrs. Vollporch was now in charge of the Industrial Section Factory Competition, with 9 loads of sawdust required on the ground for this.


  • July testimonial dinner for Mrs. McFie
  • WJ Broun contract for new cattle pens £26.30 and the old pens were sold for £10
  • Greyhound racing began at the showground for the first time.
  • A loan of £2000 from the Launceston bank
  • Messer’s Schmitt building moved adjacent to industrial hall


  • Show 22nd & 23rd March
  • Mrs. Broun was to provide 100 dinners at 2/- each
  • Woman’s industries committee, Mrs. Bird to act again for £10
  • Secretary’s salary increased to £5 per week
  • 1951: Admission charges – adults 3/-, children 1/-, school concession 6/- and cars 2/-
  • The treasurer was paid an honorarium of £25 to build a new presidents room to be built at the rear of the grand stand
  • Mr. GP Able elected treasurer


  • NB Hammond resigned as Secretary. Mr. Bond was appointed Secretary with a salary of £260 per year.
  • Pine trees along Gunn Street removed
  • GWA Industrial Hall
  • Apex responsible for school work
  • Mr. Allen appointed groundsman


  • New liquor booth built by Ryan Kelly at the eastern end of the ground
  • Mr. McNeil resigned as treasurer and Mr. Campbell appointed
  • The Department of Army rented the Cattle Pavilion for £150 per year


  • Mr. B O’Connor offered to provide Olympic jumps